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Alexander Antukh, EMBA


Award-winning cyber leader with 15 years of experience in various companies, from tech unicorns and consultancies to some of the largest financial organizations in the world.


His passion is securing small businesses and bringing real value to his clients. In his free time he enjoys playing chess and contributing to his local cyber community.

“Cyber Hermes stands out not just for its expertise in ransomware negotiation, but also for its steadfast commitment to ethics in every operation."

Javelin Strategy & Research

Born from a decade of cyber expertise, Cyber Hermes offers more than just solutions; we deliver a strategic advantage in the digital space. Our roots trace back to deciphering early cyber threats, evolving into a powerhouse of technical skill, leadership, and crisis negotiation.


We stand out with our unbiased approach and unwavering integrity, ready to defend your business in critical times.


Choose us as your trusted partner today – because in the world of cyber threats, being prepared isn't just an option, it's a necessity.

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