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It took more than 10 years for Cyber Hermes to be born.

It's time to give you the strategic cyber advantage when it's needed the most.

Starting from analyzing and decrypting early Trojan Blockers back in 2000s, our team has developed a unique blend of technical, leadership and cyber negotiation skills, and successfully participated in firsthand management of high-profile security breaches. 

We believe the key to success in dealing with hackers is our independence from bias and internal pressure in the most difficult times, multiplied by our integrity and experience of dealing with cyber crises. Do not wait until it's too late.

Get your trusted partner today.


Alexander Antukh, EMBA


Award-winning cyber security expert with a proven track record of managing security breaches and designing successful Information Security Programmes from scratch. His passion is securing small businesses and bringing real value to his clients. In his free time he enjoys playing chess and contributing to his local cyber community.

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